Vrij is a boutique design studio dedicated to creating top quality design projects tailored to our clients’ needs. We specialize in Branding, Web & Mobile interface design, Illustration and Art Direction.

We work in collaboration with different creative professionals – illustrators, photographers and programmers – depending on the requirements of each project.

We enjoy being a small boutique because it allows us to develop each project with great dedication; working in partnership with our clients towards exceptional results.

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We strongly believe in visual identity. A visual system allows us and the client, to maintain control over the coherent and incoherent elements of their identity and brand. Both coherence and incoherence are necessary ingredients to build a brand identity. Consistency is necessary for brand recognition, and it takes some inconsistency to achieve a flexible system for different applications. The main elements of a visual system are: colour, typography and grid system.


In addition to typography, ad-hoc illustration is an important resource of our creative process. We use it to design unique identities and brand experiences. Our inspiration comes from different sources but is always linked to some sensorial occurrence that caught our attention at a particular moment in time.

Web & Mobile design

We design graphical user interfaces (GUI design) for both corporate websites and products. We also design mobile apps for IOS, Android and other platforms such as Facebook. Our work process begins with a specification document produced in conjunction with the client; the brief. In a second stage, we deliver a creative debrief which includes all the functional suggestions (how the site/app is going to work); which incorporates the analysis of the type of product, the client’s objectives and the target audience. After discussing the proposal and getting the client’s approval, we move on to creating the Wireframes Interface, the skeleton content, navigation and interface of the site or mobile app. Finally, we create the graphic design of the interface


We design magazines (various formats), artists’ books, catalogues and editorials. We are also experienced in Product packaging, commercial and corporate stationary and designing ad-hoc posters.